We're "Naotics" and you should be, too!, plum-bottom

We're "Naotics" and you should be, too!

For many years, Naot has been integral to the success of Plum Bottom. While being an internationally recognized business whose shoes, boots and sandals travel the world, Naot is still family-owned with deep roots in Israel and the US. In 1942 Naot began making basic sandals in traditional colors in Israel (where they are still made today). Each year their collection gets more exciting with the addition of fun colors and refined styles, all on their anatomically supportive cork footbed.

Strong Women = Strong Businesses

I have had the privilege of being invited to participate in several Naot product development meetings where the design team in Israel, product directors from the US, Canada and Australia, sales representatives and a handful of business owners like myself are invited to offer our feedback on the colors and styles that will be produced for the coming season. All of this is overseen by Naot’s US owner, a petite but mighty woman named Ayelet who, like me, grew up in the shoe business and now manages her family business. It’s a pleasure to see Ayelet listen to the wide variety of tastes and opinions of the group as she winnows the product line and finally follows her own heart and deep knowledge of her brand to curate the collection. 


Naot polaris cheetah print sneaker

For the past several years, Naot has developed a line of athleisure styles that stands apart in the wide world of "sneakers" with unique uppers and the same custom support that Naot customers expect. 


Naot make top quality shoes, boots, sandals and more recently athleisure styles, that are always on our best-seller lists. While their boot and shoe game is strong, it’s their sandals that are integral to Plum Bottom’s spring and summer business. 

Naot pixie black patent wedge sandal

Both staff and customer favorites, these are the sandals that we take on vacation and can wear all day and into the evening in comfort and style.   

Custom Comfort with Every Step

It is their footbed that sets Naot apart in the world of fashion comfort shoes. With a variety of features that are unique to Naot, they provide hallux support (for positioning the big toe), arch support, relieve pressure on the foot joints, help maintain the body’s balance—all while cushioning the foot with shock absorbing cork and latex that molds to the shape of your foot the more you wear them. The America Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) recognizes many of Naot’s styles as benefiting overall foot health.

Naot custom support cork footbed

When a customer mentions that her doctor recommends Plum Bottom as a place to find shoes, it’s usually followed by the comment that Naot was a brand her doctor wants her to try.  When she's sees how fashionable they are--she's thrilled with the look and the comfort!


Naot helm side zip boot

Naotics will recognize the classic Helm boot on Naot's "Aura" footbed. Great care goes into designing new styles and seasonal colors that are proven to fit well.

 Shoes for All Walks of Life

If that isn’t enough reason to become a “Naotic”, they are also an incredibly charitable company. Every year Naot donates approximately 15,000 pairs of new shoes to local charities through their retail partners.  On behalf of Naot, Plum Bottom has been able to gift hundreds of pairs of shoes to local organizations such as Bethesda Mission, the Salvation Army and Suits to Careers.  

Naot Santa Barbara in reptile cobra print

Basics like their classic Santa Barbara sandal get a "re-do" in an array of colors and prints--including a new vegan version available for spring 2022!


Shopping Small when Shopping Online

No other vendor that we work with feels more like a partnership than our relationship with Naot. In recent years, vendors have made the decision to market directly to consumers, often positioning themselves as our biggest competitor. Not Naot. They have committed themselves to supporting small businesses by partnering with Plum Bottom, and several other small shoe stores nationwide, to have us fulfill their online orders. When we do not personally have the shoe in stock, we can have the item shipped from Naot directly to the customer, while we receive credit for the sale. It’s a triple win-win-win with the customers supporting small businesses, Naot using our workforce to fulfill most of their orders, and independent retailers developing relationships with regionally local customers who may not have even known about the store. It’s a unique delivery model, and one that we are proud to have been asked to participate.  

Take a closer look at Naot's unique footbed and fall styles

Naot's move toward fashion has grown in parallel with Plum Bottom's shift in focus to fashion paired with comfort. They have been valuable, generous partners and we can't wait to see what Naot has in store for the future as both of our businesses thrive. If you are a Naotic, leave a comment about your favorite shoe, boot or sandal!


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I am a Naotic and own two pair of the stylish sandals featured in this delightful email and video. I’ve taken them everywhere! Also own Naot boots and looking forward to wearing them again when the season changes! Thanks, Carla, to you and your staff!

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bruce grosser

I’m a Naot fan! Introduced to me by Plum Bottom… thanks so much!

Pamela Groft

Love this

Cathy Kamsler

What a well done presentation. Congratulations on one of the best shoe stores in the Northeast US!

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