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  • What's in store at Plum Bottom? Fall updates!

    We are loving the cooler days, aren't you? You can still wear your favorite sandals, but it is also time to dust off those boots--or better yet--bu...
  • Blog: How to Make a Statement with your Shoes and Accessories!

    It’s easy to fill your closet with black shoes.  For variety, you pick up navy or brown. But what if your taste runs a bit more exotic? Enter the S...
  • Blog: Dress from Summer to Fall in Style

    Which shoe styles work best as we move into cooler fall days? We walk you through great end-of-summer options that will refresh your shoe closet during this transitional time of year.
  • Core Collection: Year-Round Fashion That Never Goes Out of Style

    Pro tip: use the rule of three. Pick three classic neutral colors (navy blue jeans, tan jacket, white t-shirt) or pick two classic neutrals and one bright color (black pants, white top and red handbag) to create a well-thought out, intentional look.  
  • Blog: Summer Shoes that everybody loves

    There is no denying it...we are in the dog days of summer! When it's hot, you need shoes that will keep you cool and comfortable. No matter what your taste or foot issues, Plum Bottom is well-stocked with sandals of every variety. 
  • Quality over Quantity: the Value of a Great Pair of Shoes!

    What are the advantages of buying fewer, better shoes?  Save money and be healthier when you invest in shoes that you love and give you the comfort and support you need.
  • If the Shoe Fits, Buy it: Expert Advice on Finding Your Perfect Fitting Shoe

    Finding the perfect fitting shoe can be a challenge.  That’s why the saying goes, “if the shoe fits—buy it”!  Often what you love on the shelf eith...
  • Define Your Personal Style

    Having trouble defining your personal style? Carla offers some tips to help you discover your inner fashionista.

  • Shop Bonnie's Collection and our 50% off Clearance Sale!

    New reasons to shop for shoes and accessories! Shop from Bonnie's collection and our biggest summer sale--50% off clearance shoes. 
  • Welcome Back with a in-store and online clearance sale!

    We're welcoming you back to the store for appointment-only shopping with a huge sale on clearance items! Book your appointment for in-store shopping, or take advantage of the sale on line.
  • Online and In-Person Customized Shopping

    Plum Bottom is committed to customer satisfaction while planning for the future with in-store appointments, and serving you now with customized website features. Plus, find new and delicious ways to support the local food movement!
  • Curated looks from our Favorite Local Boutiques: The Perfect Pairing of Shoes, Clothes and Accessories.

    Plum Bottom has paired up with three of our favorite local boutiques to bring together a capsule collection of clothing and shoes that we know will brighten your spirits.