Waterproofing for Winter, plum-bottom

Waterproofing for Winter

Winter is coming and we all know what that means: inclement weather. To combat the snow, rain, ice, and salt, proper footwear is essential. Having both a waterproof shoe and snow boot in your wardrobe will not only ensure that you are prepared for rainy or snowy days, but it will protect your leather shoes from becoming damaged. At the end of the day, it’s completely worth it to have a pair (or more) of waterproof shoes and snow boots. Trust me, you will feel relieved knowing that you have a pair of shoes that can handle bad weather during the winter months.

This year, we have a great selection of waterproof shoes to suit any style. The best part about many of our waterproof shoes is that they are essentially a rain boot in disguise. They do not look like a rain boot, yet they provide all of the benefits of a rain boot. For those of you who are Eric Michael fans, we have a variety of Eric Michael waterproof styles available. The Eric Michael- Amelia Desert Boot, a lace-up, hiker inspired boot, is one of my personal favorites out of our waterproof options. The Eric Michael- Indigo Plaid Quilted Print Waterproof Bootie is a bolder lace-up boot option. It is constructed in an eye-catching, plaid fabric, which will give any outfit a unique flair. Three final waterproof Eric Michael styles that I'd like to highlight are the Eric Michael- Alana Lace Up Flat BootEric Michael- Polar Waterproof Flat Boot, and Eric Michael- Utah Waterproof Winter Boot.

In addition to our Eric Michael waterproof styles, there are many Blondo waterproof styles available, including sneakers, that are perfect for rainy or snowy days. The Blondo- Genesis Camo Sneaker and Blondo- Karen Stretchy Slip on Waterproof Sneaker are some waterproof sneaker options. If you're looking for a tall, waterproof boot, the Blondo- Nikki and Blondo- Tale are the perfect choice. And the Blondo- Noa and Blondo- Quinn Black Ankle Boot will be your go-to, everyday bootie. We have some waterproof Rieker shoes in stock, too! Check out those styles below!

Finally, if you’re looking for a shoe that is not only waterproof, but suited for trekking through heavy snow, look no further than Sorel. Sorel is a very popular footwear brand known for its functional, yet fashionable footwear. These shoes also make an excellent holiday gift (hint, hint) that will get a lot of use year after year. Check out some of our Sorel styles below, all of which are waterproof.

Eric Michael 

Michael- Amelia Desert Boot

Eric Michael- Indigo Plaid Quilted Print Waterproof Bootie

Eric Michael- Alana Lace Up Flat Boot

Eric Michael- Polar Waterproof Flat Boot

Eric Michael- Utah Waterproof Winter Boot


Blondo- Genesis Camo Sneaker

Blondo- Karen Stretchy Slip on Waterproof Sneaker

Blondo- Nikki

Blondo- Tale

Blondo- Noa

Blondo- Quinn Black


Rieker - Z4230-40 Grey Waterproof

Rieker- Navy Y4730-14


Sorel- Tofino II

Sorel- Joan Uptown Lace




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