Unique Fall Colors for your Shoes, Boots, Sneakers and more!, plum-bottom

Unique Fall Colors for your Shoes, Boots, Sneakers and more!

Fall inspires us to wear toasty, warm colors like burnt orange and umber. But this year, our favorite autumn tones are rubbing shoulders with less traditional fall colors. Bright yellow and white are a noticeable departure from the more earthy colors we may already have for fall.   

A few years ago, customers were still shy about wearing white soled shoes into the fall and winter.  This year, people are clamoring for not just white soles, but white shoes and sneakers! In addition to feeling fresh, there are so many reasons why white works as a year-round color. Like it’s opposite, black, you can wear white with anything. In fact, white shoes can set off an entire outfit!  

I’ve been obsessing over white shoes for a few years, and this year I’m adding Rieker’s white waterproof leather boot to my collection! You can find white in most categories including slides, sneakers, boots and loafers.  

Pro Tip: Worried about caring for your white shoes? A secret trick I’ve found to keep my whites bright is to use a little hand sanitizer! Since they mostly consist of alcohol, sanitizer can erase dark scuffs. Always spot test on an inconspicuous spot of the shoe, like the heel or close to the sole to make sure that what you are using to clean the shoe doesn’t accidentally remove or change the color. 

 Yellow is an autumn classic, but this fall we’ve noticed that our yellows seem sunnier! As we head toward winter, knowing that we can pop on a pair of yellow shoes makes us feel a little more ready to head into those darker days.  


We've got yellow in an array of styles! There is a special collection of yellow on our website so you can easily browse them all--including this super soft On Foot boot that I love!


Pro Tip: Some people have a difficult time finding a yellow clothing that plays well with their skin tone.  But you don’t have to worry about that with yellow shoes!  Yellow boots or shoes look great with jeans and almost any other color, to serve as an accent.  Since the yellow is not next to your face, you can pick any shade of yellow that you like without fear! 

The last thing you want to do is dress in head-to-toe white or yellow in the fall or winter, so they should be used as an accent color against the darker color of your outfit.  Either choice will look great with denim, black, navy or grey. 

Let us help you find the perfect pair of white or yellow to complete your fall wardrobe! You can browse our white or yellow collections, or stop by either store at 1801 Market Street in Camp Hill or 2619 Brindle Drive in Harrisburg.  We look forward to working with you!


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