Clean out your closet to make room for fresh fall shoes and boots, plum-bottom

Clean out your closet to make room for fresh fall shoes and boots

Like it or not, it’s time to change over your wardrobe from Summer to Fall/Winter!  I relish going through my closet to weed out the items that I want to give away so that I can make room for something fresh. I pull out all my shoes and boots to evaluate what I need for the season, what could use a little bit of sprucing up with polish or suede cleaner, and what I’m ready to pass along as a donation.  

I’ve developed a few tips for evaluating your boot and shoe collection which could help you decide what to keep, what to clean, and what to let go: 

  • Do you love it? Simple, straightforward and honest.  Is this something that you still WANT to wear?  It’s okay to break up with a pair of shoes that no longer has your heart. 
  • Do you need it? Okay, it’s not setting your world on fire, but you know that you need some functional, basic pieces.  These are your navy loafers, your walking shoes, your waterproof boots, your house slippers. If you need it, but aren’t in love with it, maybe it’s time to find a replacement that does make you happy (and comfortable) every time you wear them.  
  • Does it fit? Even if it was the perfect size when you bought it, your feet change and so do the shoes themselves.  If it no longer fits, it’s time to make space for something that does. 
  • Time to pitch?  Okay, you love it, or you need it, but what condition is it in?  Cosmetic improvements can be made with some shoe polish or suede cleaner, but is the sole wearing thin? Stitching coming undone? Even a well-made and well-loved pair of shoes has a lifespan, and it could be time to say good-bye if they can’t be cleaned, repaired, or if they are too worn. 


Now that you’ve sorted through your collection to determine what stays and what goes, you need to decide what gets donated and what has been worn for the last time. Shoes that are donated still need to be in good condition. If they didn’t pass the “time to pitch” criteria, then you need to, well, pitch them. If they still have their integrity, it’s time to donate. While you can always toss them in local collection bin, if they were professional shoes you might want to find a local chapter of “Suits to Careers”.  There they can find a new home with someone who is currently economically challenged and is being suited up for job interviews.  If you are local to our stores, Plum Bottom continues to support the Central PA Animal Alliance by being a drop off location for their shoe collection, which raises money for their H.O.P.E (Hounds of Prison Education) fund.  Drop-offs can currently be made at either store through November 15th, 2021.  

Now for the fun part! Once you’ve determined what you need and have made the space, it’s time to go shoe shopping!  Both our Camp Hill store at 1801 Market Street, and Harrisburg at the Shoppes at Susquehanna Marketplace are filled with new fall items, plus great deals in the clearance rooms.  But I thought you might appreciate a preview of some of the quintessential items that every shoe closet needs! 

Bueno crafted a classic flat smoking slipper that wraps your foot in the softest leather! But don't wait!  This one is flying and we can't get more!

Robert Zur leather loafers

Call it The Year of the Loafer! The ageless Robert Zur loafers are year-round favorites that appeals to everyone and looks great without trying too hard. 

Customers LOVED the spring/summer version of this Ara Sneaker for it's looks and insane comfort.  The fall update comes with a black sole and is lined with Gore-Tex® for so your feet stay warm and dry. 


 Remember I told you some shoes you need and others you love?  I think this sneaker falls into both categories.  Dolce Vita makes this on-trend leather statement sneaker--a wardrobe must-have.

Leather waterproof Naot flat ankle boot

Naot is known for comfort and style. This versatile boot is also waterproof and warmly lined with soft fleece.



Lucky Brand boots in neutral tan leather or leopard goes with everything and makes you look good without even trying.

Call it your "wild card".  Yes, you do need this yellow nubuck On Foot boot.  It pushes jeans or black pants to the next fashion level, all while being the softest, most comfortable boot you've ever owned. Love + Need = Shoe Heaven!

Taos wool clog slippers slides

Everyone needs a slipper for around the house.  We love that this Taos, with a rubber sole, can also be worn outside as a casual shoe! Great arch support, too. 


Do yourself a favor and clean out your shoe closet!  Not only will you feel heroic donating things that you no longer need or want, you'll make room for something new and special. And don't worry if my choices didn't tickle your fancy!  Our website and stores are filled with something for everyone to love. You can even take our Product Recommendation Quiz to get some customized suggestions. Take the quiz as many times as you'd like!

Happy fall, and happy shopping!

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