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The Skinny on Pairing Shoes & Boots with Wide Legged Pants

Sometimes fashion trends hang on for years. They stay around so long that we can no longer rightfully call them a trend; we can think of them as an icon for that era.  Skinny jeans and pants have been our go-to for at least a decade now—certainly they are the iconic pants of the 2010’s and are still a strong look.  But fashion is shifting again, and wide leg pants are starting to share the shelves with our favorite skinnies.  That means it’s time to re-evaluate the shoes and boots that we’ll wear with our new wide-legged updated pants AND what looks great with our favorite leggings and skinny jeans.  

For a skinny cut that many of us have grown accustomed to, we can wear boots over the pant leg.   That’s not going to work with a wide-legged pant, so we must rethink our boot strategy. A rounded toe shoe gets lost in the leg of a wide pant, so we’ll want to pick boots or shoes with a tapered toe character, which elongates the look of your leg gives us a peak of the boot. Plus, they still look great with a slimmer cut pant! WIN-WIN!

Brenda Zaro's pull-on boot (right) and Lucky Brand's Jorry (left) are two wear-with-anything choices!

PRO TIP: The dye from dark jeans can rub off on light colored suede or leather.  Before pairing them, wash your dark jeans. 

Whether they are skinny or wide, if a pant is cropped so that it hits above the ankle a slide or mule is always a fashionable choice and it’s no surprise that they are making a comeback this year!  Many of our favorite clog styles are shearling lined, making them ideal to wear now and when the weather gets even cooler.  

 Enjoy the comfort of Naot's clog (right) or Chinese Laundry's slide as a cozy, retro inspired choice. 

​ This is also the Year of the Loafer! These can pair well with slim or straight legged pant. Despite being the ultimate classic look, they are also all the rage with the fashionista crowd.  Chunkier lug soled loafers are on display next to their more refined cousins. 
Marc Joseph Loafers

Marc Joseph's lug soled loafer ground a wide leg jean (right).  The more refined Louise et Cie loafers pair nicely with a slim cut pant (left).  

Trends come and go, but good fashion stands the test of time. This is especially true when you invest in a few high-quality pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways.  Whether your pants are cut wide or slim, your shoes are pointy or your soles are lug--all that matters is how confident and poised your clothing and shoes can make you feel. Our job at Plum Bottom is to match YOU with your perfect pair--however the currents of fashion flow. For superior customer service, visit us at either Camp Hill or Harrisburg location.  Or browse our website for a curated collection of our best styles. 

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I have been buying my heals at Plum Bottom for at least the last 45 years, I love all the girls that work there they treat u like family,I moved to South Carolina but I still buy my shoes at Plum BOTTOM,I never had a pair of shoes that I bought there that I couldn’t wear all day and I wore heals every day I was on my feet all day I was in retail at least 8to9 hours a day👠👠👠

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