The Perfect Pair: Tips and tricks for pairing the perfect shoe with your favorite pair of jeans

The Perfect Pair: Tips and tricks for pairing the perfect shoe with your favorite pair of jeans

Jeans are everyone’s favorite fashion staple for a reason—they can be worn casually to Friday night football, or dressed up for a special evening out. A great-fitting pair of jeans can make you look and feel confident.  And confidence is always beautiful!

This Fall Plum Bottom shoe and accessory store partnered with Kristen Campbell, Personal Stylist with Threads of Hershey, to identify a few simple tips to ensure that your jean look is chic and polished.  Together we paired jeans with this season’s hottest flats, heels and booties from Plum Bottom to create several amazing looks from just a few staple pieces

Here are 3 important jean-shoe styling tips

  1. Create a beautiful space at your ankles by wearing cropped jeans and allowing your shoes to be the statement accessory.
  2. Pick shoes that add texture, pattern, and color to your denim look.
  3. Balance your overall outfit with your shoes—the wrong shoe can make or break a look!

Miz Mooz high-top wedge boots

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Cropped Skinny Jeans

When jeans are cropped and hit above the ankle, it’s flattering to leave a little bit of ankle exposed. That means flats, ankle boots and athleisure shoes are all going to work well with cropped skinny jeans. Skip the socks completely or wear ultra low-cut socks that hide below your ankles.

All the looks create space between the hem and the shoes.

White Jeans

There is no rule that says you can’t wear your white jeans all year long.  White jeans can make your entire fall and winter wardrobe feel fresh...especially when you pair them with shoes that provide texture and contrast.

Wide Leg Jeans

We love our skinny’s, but wide leg jeans are making a come-back and we’re thrilled. Skip the flats with wide leg jeans and choose a shoe or boot with a pointy toe and at least a modest heel (but don’t be shy if you can go high) so it won’t get lost in the pant legs.

High heels and a pointy toe add balance to long, wide legged jeans.

A fashion fail on the left, a triumph on the right.  The navy color of the flat is just that…flat…against the dark jeans.  And with no heel, Kristen’s fabulous look takes a frumpy turn. Wearing a pump elongates the leg and lifts the hem off the ground and yellow stands out against the dark denim.

Need more advice? Every staff member at Plum Bottom can confidently help you find the perfect shoes to go with your jeans. They also offer Concierge Shopping.  Fill out a short survey and they’ll send you pictures of a personally curated collection of shoes based on your needs and tastes—pick up your favorites at the store or having them shipped to you for free. Expert stylists, like those from Threads of Hershey, can work within your closet to help you perfectly mix and match your jeans and shoes.

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