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The Art of Pairing: Elevate Your Jeans with the Perfect Shoe

Jeans, the ultimate fashion staple, are beloved for their versatility. Whether you are heading to a casual event or a fancy dinner, a well-fitted pair of jeans can boost your confidence and make you feel fabulous. Even for the fashion savvy, it can be difficult to figure out which shoes or boots are the most complimentary for a particular style of jeans. From flats to platforms, I am here to guide you through the art of selecting the perfect shoe for your favorite pair of jeans. 

Elevate with Ankles on Display 

One of the simplest yet most effective tricks in jean-shoe styling is to embrace cropped jeans or roll the pant leg to above the ankle. This allows your shoes to shine as statement accessories. Whether you are opting for flats, ankle boots, or athleisure shoes, or this year's hottest fashion choice—loafers-- the key is to maintain breathing room at your ankles between the shoes and your hem. If you choose to wear socks, go for ultra low-cut options that discreetly hide beneath your ankles.  

Ankle jeans with chunky loafers

Nicole stuns with her entire outfit, rocking cuffed jeans and chunky loafers. Major props for flawlessly matching the loafers to a sage green handbag!

Dazzle in White Denim 

Who said white jeans are reserved for summer alone? By pairing white jeans with shoes that offer texture and contrast, you can effortlessly infuse a breath of fresh air into your fall and winter wardrobe. The play of textures and colors between your white jeans and shoes can result in a head-turning look that is far from ordinary. Consider either layering your white jeans with other muted tones like soft pink or taupe.  Or swing in the opposite direction and wear your funkiest, most playful pair of shoes knowing that white jeans are a blank canvas that will neither compete with nor interfere with your stunning shoes.  

Kiera pairs white denim and white boots to give a gentle vibe to her pastel blue sweater.

Embrace the Wide Leg Revival 

Over the last few years, we have seen long-reigning skinny jeans start to fade.  When wearing wider leg jeans, it is crucial to avoid round-toe flats which drown in the pant leg. Opt for shoes or boots at least a modest heel, allowing your footwear to stand out against the broad pant legs without getting lost. A pump can work wonders, elongating your legs and preventing your jeans from swamping your shoes. Want the extra height of a heel without the balancing act of a pump? Platforms are a classic pairing with straight and wide leg pants, especially platform loafers or sneakers. Chunky, lug sole boots also make a good counterpoint to the heft of a wide-leg jean. Updated shoe and boot styles give this old look new tricks.  

wide leg pants with platform loafers

Platform loafers anchor a pair of wide leg jeans.

The Power of Balance 

Balance is paramount when it comes to choosing the right shoes for each style of jeans. The wrong shoes can easily make or break your overall look or be the finishing touch which elevates a simple outfit to extraordinary heights. The overall takeaway: consider the proportion of your outfit and the type of jeans you are wearing. When accessorizing a wide leg pair an elegant high heel, a chunky lug sole or a platform can provide the necessary equilibrium. With cropped jeans, pick up a pair of flats or low ankle boots to create separation at your ankle.  Meanwhile, white jeans love to be the backdrop for your statement shoes. By understanding the art of balance, texture, and proportion, you can confidently stride forward turning every street into your personal runway. 

Expert Tips for Expert Looks 

Don't hesitate to seek advice from the knowledgeable staff at Plum Bottom in Camp Hill and Harrisburg. They are delighted to help you find the ideal shoes to complement your jeans.  

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