Shoes, Clothing & Accessories to Treat Mom (or Yourself), plum-bottom

Shoes, Clothing & Accessories to Treat Mom (or Yourself)

Mother’s Day can be joyous, but it can also be an emotional challenge for many reasons. We've decided the day could use a refresh and re-brand, so we're calling it "Treat Yourself Day".  We all deserve a day free from obligations without doing anything other than to eat, drink, and shop, of course!  What might you do on your beautiful, indulgent day? We've got a few suggestions on how to treat yourself to something special while supporting all of the unique women owned businesses in the Neighbors & Smith shopping center at our Camp Hill store.  You might even bring your mother, daughter, niece, best-friend or neighbor along for the fun and celebrate yourselves, together!

Start the day going with fresh coffee or tea and comfy sneakers

All my days begin with coffee from One Good Woman.  I love to try different kinds, but I always go back to Bay Blend.  They single origin and blends from all over the world, including delicious, flavored coffee and decaf. Prefer tea?  They have an entire wall of the finest black and herbal tea.   

Once you’re invigorated, kick-start your day in a pair of cute and comfy sneakers like this new high-top style from ARA.   

Be ready for your adventures with a hand-free belt bag

 At Live in Color, our downstairs neighbor, they feature repurposed furniture that is given a brand new life (and a fresh coat of paint) with their creative flair. They also source fun home décor--much of it locally made. 

Go hands-free and pick up a Think Royln bag to stow all the goodies you’ll be picking up today. 

Give the girls a lift with a new bra and heels

At Underneath it All, another of our downstairs neighbors, you can finally get that bra fitting that you’ve always wanted but never made time to do. Or embrace your sexy side in slinky lingerie.  They cater to every body type and size. As you strut your stuff, you’ll want to wear heels!  

sexy slide is simple yet stunning, even if you just wear them to sashay around the house, feeling empowered!  

Ease into a spa day and sandals

Nothing is more refreshing and appreciated than a spa day. The menu of services at our downstairs neighbor, Moxy Salon, includes custom facial treatments, waxing, microblading and more. The “Mind Relaxer” targeting the face, neck and shoulders will melt all your tension away.

Slip on a pair of Olukai flip-flops because they are so comfortable and easy to slip on and off while enjoying your spa day. 

Unwind with luxurious macarons and soft leather loafers

Directly under our store Sweet Velvet offers decadent, delicious French style macarons.  They tempt customers from far and wide to experience their colorful confections!

 Robert Zur loafers  are just as colorful as the macarons--a sweet treat for your feet on a beautiful spring day! 


Dress for an evening with good friends

 After a full day of shopping, it's time to dress up for a special evening out! You don't even have to leave Camp Hill to enjoy dinner at Watershed Pub, or head across the river, check out our Harrisburg store and some fine dining at East Shore neighbor at Harvest. 

Our next door neighbor Little Black Dress never fails to inspire us with outfits that pair beautifully with Plum Bottom shoes, like these elegant flats and pumps from Pedro Anton


Get fit and Thrive

After your indulgent weekend, kickstart your Monday morning with a fitness class with our downstairs neighbors at Thrive Fit Co! HIIT, Kickboxing, Kettlebells classes--in person and on-demand--will strengthen your body for the ultimate self-care. 

We love kicking our butts at Thrive, wearing our sneakers from Plum Bottom of course!

My unsolicited advice: don’t wait, get yourself your own perfect gift. Take care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. Not just on Mother's Day or YOU Day. Treat yourself with as much respect as you would your own mother. I guarantee you; your mother will be proud of you for taking such loving care of yourself.  

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