Rieker & Remonte: European Comfort Shoes at their Best, plum-bottom

Rieker & Remonte: European Comfort Shoes at their Best

The brands Rieker and Remonte epitomize European Comfort. From their unique aesthetics to their German design, these sister companies make some of our most popular shoes, boots, sneakers and sandals of the highest quality and comfort. 

Deep Roots in the Heart of Germany

Rieker started making shoes in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany in 1874, specifically for a Northern Italian market. It remains one of Europe’s largest and most recognized manufacturers of shoes, with the goal of creating the footwear brand with the greatest value on the market. In a culture that appreciates shoes that are fashionable and comfortable, Rieker reigns!  

Navy perforated leather Rieker Maryjane

Walk through any European city, and it’s easy to spot Rieker's distinctive shoes along the cobblestone streets.


Rieker & Remonte Shoes: Better Together

About a decade ago, Rieker adopted Remonte as a sister company—two unique brands under the same umbrella. Remonte focuses more on trendier, more youthful styles that don’t skimp on comfort. Their closed toe styles feature a removable footbed with soft heel, arch, and metatarsal support. Remonte sandals feature a foam footbed that provides cushioned support.  

 Remonte lightweight mesh slip-on sneaker

Need even more support? Remonte footbeds can be removed to substitute your own orthotic.

Foot issues? Don't stress!

Rieker’s Antistress® technology has a four-point philosophy. Their shoes must be lightweight, provide optimum shock absorption on a variety of surfaces, create a “barefoot” feeling called reflexibility, and creating space within the shoe that allows the foot to expand as you wear it throughout the day. With those features in mind, most Rieker styles work well for those with a variety of foot needs. Customers with wide feet or bunions will find Rieker of particular interest.  


Even with all these comfort features built into Rieker and Remonte, it’s their attractive looks that draw customer’s attention first.

Comfortable leather fashion sandal by Remonte

The Remonte spring collection is a notable example of sandals that have all the style and none of the pain.

Rieker Sina leather woven slingback

The Sina woven leather front slingback is a Rieker classic that brings customers in to pick up a new color combination year after year!  

Rieker and Remonte are brands whose customers may not recognize the first time they shop with us, but they quickly become a favorite that is requested every time a customer visits either of our Plum Bottom stores.  


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