Our Employees have the BEST taste in shoes!, plum-bottom

Our Employees have the BEST taste in shoes!

If you want to know what is the most fashionable AND is the most comfortable in women's shoes, look no further than our feet! We not only sell the most beautiful shoes around, but we are walking miles a day in them as trek back and forth from the stock room to help our customers. I guarantee you that it's impossible to help people find shoes when your own feet hurt, so the shoes that we wear to work at Plum Bottom are always going to be the perfect intersection of comfort and fashion.  

Sophie, a recent fashion marketing graduate from IUP, is the newest addition to our Plum Bottom family. You might already be enjoying the funny reels makes! She has been living in her Asportuguesas clogs—both at home and at work. Sophie loves how these slides lean into the lug sole trend all while being completely unique.

Sophie says, “these shoes are so comfortable, I don’t want to take them off!” No need to, Sophie! You look awesome. 


I often tell Carmela that anything she touches, she makes 20% better! Her keen fashion sense is on display in the Camp Hill store when she merchandises our shoes with handbags and accessories, always leaving things looking their best! She lends that same refined sense of fashion when she’s helping customers.

This season Carmela has been grooving on the Dolce Vita Chelsea style boot. She says, “a Chelsea boot is a classic that can be dressed up or down”. Great point, Carmela! She also coordinated with the perfect crossbody handbag from Daniella Lehavi


My business partner Andrea recently had the honor of walking the runway for Salvation Army’s annual Shoe Strut, as a model for our neighbor Little Black Dress. Of course, Andrea started with the shoes first (work from the bottom up, we like to say) and paired chunky platform loafers with pleather shorts and a blouse for a bold professional look.

Since the fashion show, I’ve rarely seen Andrea without her All Black loafers—though Andrea does have LOTS of shoes to choose from 😉  A Daniella Lehavi satchel handbag completes her look. The loafer comes in the white trimmed in orange that Andrea is wearing, and a black and purple suede combo. 


Next time you’ve got a special event, drop by either of our stores for expert fashion advice. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet Vicki! Her super-power is helping customers find shoes for special occasion events. Vicki has mad skills with shoe pads and the shoe stretcher—particularly the bunion stretcher—so even those with the trickiest needs always find the perfect pair when Vicki is helping. Vicki is also one of the most fashionable people I know. 

 Vicki’s got a romantic style with a fondness for velvet and the occasional ruffle. This entire look (clothes included) was curated at our Harrisburg store.  


Speaking of superpowers, I think Jenna may actually be Wonder Woman in disguise. And though I’ve never seen her lasso of truth, what makes her brilliant at helping customers is her honest opinion. Since Jenna (along with Andrea) has been instrumental in bringing clothing to the Harrisburg store, she has become a master at creating head-to-toe looks are guaranteed to flatter your figure.

Jenna’s other super-power? She looks good in every outfit I’ve ever seen her try on. How does she do it? She picked Bueno's ankle boots as her favorite--two styles are pictured here.  

Another woman of many talents (I’m seeing a pattern here...), Lesla somehow finds time to volunteer at her church’s food pantry, sell houses AND shoes all while being one of the coolest, most patient people I’ve ever known. She’s not only a role model for me as a human being, she also always goes the extra mile to help our customers when they have challenging foot issues. I know our customers appreciate her kindness, as do I!

I knew this Pikolino boot would be a best seller then minute Lesla pulled it out of the box for the first time. I also knew I’d be seeing Lesla in that boot quite a bit this year!  I also had to show you this sunny picture of Lesla, decked out in this Boho outfit from our Harrisburg store. I love this look on her!


And what am I jiving on this season? I’m madly in love with the loafer trend. But at 5” tall, I always appreciate a shoe with a little height. Wonders platform heel loafers give me a much needed lift and have been my go-to with jeans and even dresses during these transitional fall months.  


 This is just a taste of the depth and breadth of the fashion comfort shoes that we carry in both stores and online. We want to encourage website customers to reach out to us so we can provide the same level of care and service that our in-store customers love. Our main objective is never to "sell" something; it's to help you find the perfect shoe, accessory or outfit. You can help us in that mission by leaving a review on the product page of a style you love, and by sharing your experience as a Google review.  You have no idea how helpful these reviews can be for other customers and to help new customers to find our store! 



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