NAOT sandals: new styles, new colors arriving now!, plum-bottom

NAOT sandals: new styles, new colors arriving now!

Are you a Naotic?  That’s what NAOT has dubbed their super fans, and I count myself as one of their number. While comfort is relative to the person, NAOT is a top comfort choice for so many of our customers.  But it’s not just the comfort that lures me.  I love that so many of their styles look even better than they feel.  They are my go-to travel brand for that very reason. Even when I’ve spent the day exploring, I know that I can wear my NAOT sandals into the evening with ease.  

These dusty, well-worn Papaki sandals have walked hundreds of miles with me.  We carry a large variety of colors, including the new beige snake. Pick up a pair for yourself here

As a Naotic, it thrilled me to be asked to participate in their Spring 2021 product development meeting.  It was supposed to be held in person in New York, but like everything last March, things didn’t turn out as planned.  The two-day meeting was my first true exposure to Zoom.  We “met” with the designers in Israel as well as the product development team in the US. At that meeting, I was the only retail shoe store owner, so I felt a heavy responsibility not only to YOU, my customers, but also to Naotics across the country!  

What happens during a product development meeting? The New York team had already worked with the designers to narrow down the selection of new styles.  Our job during the meeting was to refine that list even more, and make color choices. Because we were just at the beginning of what was already a pandemic, and it was clear that retail habits would be evolving over the next year, they made the decision to tighten up the line more than usual.  That meant being very judicious about the new styles being added.  They wanted to make sure the new styles would be very versatile and offer the customer something that she really needed to add to her wardrobe. They also wanted to make sure that we weren’t playing it too safe.  Color choices had to be compelling. I’m proud of the results and I hope that you find a lot to love in the Spring 2021 Naot Collection! 

We’ve added the new color Mixed Metallic in two of your all-time favorites: Santa Barbara and Pixie.  The black-based metallic with copper and pewter undertones means that you can wear it as you would any black OR brown sandal—but with added spice.  



Adjustable straps are one of our most popular requests, and you’ll find several new styles that do just that. The Whetu, in the medium to wide width Koru bottom, has a trio of adjustable straps.  Customers  appreciate the thinner, more refined look of the straps and the versatile color combination. We’ve got black and copper now, with a lighter grey/beige combination arriving soon.  


Kayla has always been the iconic NAOT sandal.  Krista is the blinged out version of that favorite—with this year’s color combinations offering the extra appeal of cheetah patterned Swarovski crystals.  


If  you are looking for a sporty sandal that can walk for miles, you’ll want to try Enid. The classic colors of taupe, navy and black have universal appeal.   


These new styles and more are waiting for you at both locations—with even more arriving regularly. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us prior to visiting either store so that we can transfer your favorite pair to the location of your choice.  The easiest way is to call 717-651-1600 during business hours or send us an email to 


NAOT is one of the few companies offering open stock selections this season.  What does that mean? On a limited basis, we’ll be able to place special orders on styles that we carry and non-stocked shoes.  Shopping early in the season gives us the greatest chance on being able to order a pair for you in we don’t already have them in stock. I know said this in previous blogs, but this is not a year to wait for something you love, as delivery times are up and open stock selection is down.  Whether you identify as a Naotic, or are eager to try them, trust me when I say that you (and your feet) deserve a new pair!



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