If the Shoe Fits, Buy it: Expert Advice on Finding Your Perfect Fitting Shoe

If the Shoe Fits, Buy it: Expert Advice on Finding Your Perfect Fitting Shoe

Finding the perfect fitting shoe can be a challenge.  That’s why the saying goes, “if the shoe fits—buy it”!  Often what you love on the shelf either doesn’t fit or doesn’t flatter you like you hoped. That’s why we’re here!  Our decades of shoe experience mean that whether you are buying online or in our brick and mortar store, we can help you not only find the style you are looking for, but also the best fit for you.  

How to Buy Online 

For years we knew that we needed to launch an online storefront, but our customers would always respond with the same question, “I have such a difficult foot.  How will I know if it fits?”. While the simple truth is that nothing beats the ability to try something, our extensive fit knowledge and deep understanding of the many brands that we carry have enabled us to provide you with customized recommendations. We call it our Unique Needs collection. If your feet are narrow, wide, have bunions or need additional arch support, each of these Unique Needs collections is curated with those specific requirements in mind.  This is especially helpful because you may not see narrow or wide written on the box, but many of our European brands are going to work particularly well for different kind of feet.  Even within a single brand, you’ll find a range of different widths.  Since we know the styles and brands so well, we’re able to help narrow down your selection to those with which we have the most confidence will work for a special fit need.  

Papaki from Naot is a quadruple threat!  It fits a wide foot, a bunion, has arch support, and you can remove the footbed if you need to put in your own orthodic!

Let us do the work! 

For decades the customers of our brick and mortar stores have received the benefits of our shoe knowledge. Of course, it’s fun to walk around and browse to see if something strikes your fancy.  But when you have a specific need in mind, it’s best to give us a general outline of what you are looking for and let us work our magic!  We know the stock well, and we can point you in the right direction. A word of advice: be flexible!  If you have a difficult to fit foot and have a very narrow perception of what you are willing to try, you might be disappointed.  But if you open yourself up suggestions that you might not have thought of yourself, you might be pleasantly surprised. Our goal is the same as yours—we want you to feel 100% happy with the fit and look of your new shoes. We are on the same team and when we work together we’ll have more luck finding that right pair.  

We want you to have happy feet! This Vionic flat is both cute and comfortable. 

Fit or Flop 

Some quick tips on knowing if you have the proper fit: 

  • Don’t worry about the size number. Each pair fits differently and even within the same brand you might need to size up or size down.
  • When in doubt, try on the next size up or down just to put your mind at ease that you have the best fit.
  • We can stretch a shoe to give you more width, but not length. It’s too short if your toe is pressing on the front of the shoe.  
  • It’s too big if your heel is hanging over the back edge. 
  • If you feel like the inside of your sole is stepping on something, it’s generally too small. 
  • If you feel like there is a space at the inside of your sole, it’s generally too big.   
  • It’s okay if there is a little movement in the heel of a shoe, but you could get a blister if you are wearing the shoe barefoot and it’s rubbing your heel.   
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