I Will Survive! Especially with New Sneakers, Slippers and Flip Flops, plum-bottom

I Will Survive! Especially with New Sneakers, Slippers and Flip Flops

Why does 2021 already feel like the second season of Survivor?  I know as a mom “functioning” during this pandemic I am not the only one.  We are at home again on another snow day/not snow day in Central PA.  Mother Nature has managed to find another way to keep us homebound.  Since the beginning of the pandemic my children Celeste, age 6 and son Gavin, age 12 have been doing a combination of in school and virtual learning.   While last year's shutdown was challenging for us as a business, it did allow for me to help manage my children’s new schedule of at home learning.  Once business opened back up and we were handed the keys to our second location life became a little more…well dicey.  

Fridays are always virtual learning days for my children.  Because I’m at our Harrisburg location on Fridays, Celeste will come with me to work.  For those of you who follow our social media you know my daughter Celeste because she appears/runs some of our posts.  She started doing “coffee talk” posts at the store with me and is now a PB fan favorite. She is full on energy and with a lack of play dates and social play at school I am now a full-time play mate.   If you aren’t following us on Facebook I would encourage you to “Like” our Plum Bottom page and check out our live posts. 

“PC” Princess Celestewas nicknamed by one of our astute customers, and I think it truly fits.  Celeste is all girl and loves anything pink, sparkly, or generally “fabulous”.  

Suffice it to say my lifestyle has become much more casual and so have my choices of “Go To” footwear.  I'm clearly not the only one! This season at the store we were impressed by the amount of online business we did with the Sorel line.  It is not hard to understand if you have a pair.  They are both cute and functional. Celeste and I will be “twinsies” with her matching grey fur lined Sorels.  For anyone wondering why we don’t carry children’s shoes…I think I blame Joe, Carla’s father.  He told horror stories of working in children’s footwear, I think he traumatized Carla and I to the point that it isn’t an option for us.  That being said, if we were going to carry a children’s line Sorel would be at the top of the list.   

I will be building some snowmen in my waterproof Sorel boot – Harlow Grey Tie.  I love the cushioned footbed and the red laces really pop against the grey leather.  

This season slippers were also a hot ticket both online and in store.  With so many people working from home it is easy to understand why.  When we are at home Celeste and I love to wear our slippers. We expect slippers to continue to be a shoe staple in the spring.  

As it gets warmer we have more open toe options coming--like this cutie from OTBT, so be on the lookout for our new arrivals. 

My new athleisure lifestyle has required me to add to my shoe collection some sneaker styles.  I have to admit I was a little slow to jump on the look.  Now I am hooked.  My current favorites is the Renata by ARA.  This sneaker is so popular that each color it comes in is in our Top 10 most sold styles! If you haven’t had a chance to try these on you should stop in store today or order online.  

I like that the Renata has an athletic style yet are more streamlined than most sneakers.  


I love the R2503-45 for its easy slip-on style and grey leopard backing.

Remonte also has a great collection of sneaker styles.  As we head off for the Atlanta Shoe Show buying for Fall 2021 I will be heading to the airport in these because they are light-weight, comfortable slip-ons and oh so stylish.   

Speaking of sneakers, to help manage life as a mom in the current pandemic I started back running again.  I’m truly no gazelle, but I try.  It helps to ease my stress and is also some of the only time I find myself alone.  Because we do not currently carry any running shoes I like to buy local and have found some really great options at Irving’s Shoe Fly.  They are another local shoe store in Central PA and we would like to encourage anyone looking for athletic footwear to make sure you check them out first before going online or to a big box store.   

Celeste loves makeup and painting nails.  I am her guinea pig and having an in-house pedicurist has its advantages, especially since I like to start spring with manicured feet.  This activity requires a pair of flip-flops.  And Celeste and my favorites have been our OluKai’s.  We carry a number of different styles all with Hawaiian names that I honestly have a hard time pronouncing.   So I’ll simply encourage you to stop in or check them out online by clicking on the OluKai brand tab

OluKai flip flops have amazing arch support.  They make it super easy to transition from in home pedicure, to pool, to my gardening with ease.     

Carla, Celeste, myself and our whole Plum Bottom family continue to hope that you all remain healthy and happy.  If you're on Facebook and we aren’t friends reach out I would love to know more about our customers! You can check out the outtakes from Celeste’s FB posts.  We hope to see your smiling eyes in either our Camp Hill at 1801 Market Street or Harrisburg  at 2619 Brindle Drive soon.  Cheers and thank you again for all of your continued support.  It’s a great day to visit Plum Bottom!  ~ Andrea Mason


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