Define Your Personal Style

Define Your Personal Style

Finding Your Style 

Have you ever made an impulse purchase, only to take it home and realize the item isn’t really “you”? Maybe you were convinced by a well-meaning salesperson, or a shopping buddy.  Or maybe you were just swept up in the moment and thinking of how great that style looked in a magazine you saw.  While the outfit might have been stylish, if it didn't match your personality it wasn’t right for YOU. 

Andrea is showing us how to mix and match colors and prints fearlessly.  She's wearing Caprice by Naot.

Identify your Fashion Icon

How do you know what’s going to make you look and feel like your best self? You can start with a fashion icon—someone who’s taste you admire.  It’s helpful, but not 100% necessary, for that person to be close to your age and body type.  Google images of that person and keep a file of pictures that speaks to you. Once you’ve collected a variety of images, notice trends in the way that person dresses. Would you describe their style as classic, retro, or sleek? Do they tend to wear simple, staple colors like black, white, navy and grey?  Or does the color of their clothing and accessories inspire you to wear brighter colors? Take some notes. This can be just a mental note-to-self or better yet jot down a few ideas so that you can refer to them when you are out shopping.  Or better yet, save some pictures on your phone to inspire you while you are shopping.  


Expert Advice

You can use that style icon as a starting point, but don’t let that limit you! Unless you have the same body type, what looks good on them may not be flattering on your figure.  Pull ideas from the pictures you’ve collected.  Instead of dressing head-to-toe like your reference images, pick out the elements that are going to work best and be most flattering to you. If you want expert advice, be sure to shop local boutiques where the staff is invested in helping their customers look their best and are responsive to their needs. They can help you define your personal style, with your icon images as reference. At Plum Bottom, the entire staff has a keen sense of fashion, but place a priority on your comfort.  We can help you not only look fabulous, but also feel your best.  

Need another expert opinion?  Consider hiring a personal stylist who will help you review what you already have and find new pieces that refine your look.  Kristen Campbell, owner and stylist at Threads of Hershey offers her advice:

"I find that my clients have difficulty defining their personal style for three main reasons: it's ever evolving, it requires us to really know ourselves, and we often admire many different types. With that said, it is good to put some parameters around your style to help you zero in on looks that make you feel your best.  To do that, my advice would be always to start at the beginning and go through this process--edit your closet, style outfits using your "hero" pieces, and then snap photos of your favorite looks.  You will probably get a pretty good picture of your style or vibe.  Finally, try to pick a style that works really well with your size and shape."


Friends Who Shop

If you feel like you need a little extra moral support on your shopping trip, be sure to choose a friend whose fashion sense is like-minded to yours.  If your friend’s style is quite different than your own, the advice she gives you might be right for her, but not for you.  Also consider your priorities versus that of your shopping buddy.  If comfort is a factor for you, she might not be considering that when she’s offering her opinion.  Make sure that even with a friend or loved one’s advice, the decision is truly coming from you.  

Suzi and Ann were fast friends when they both showed up the store looking like fashion twins. 


Trust Yourself

Most of all, trust your instincts.  If you fall in love with something, even if you are not 100% sure what you are going to wear with it, buy it and let it guide you towards your true personal style.  Whether you experiment with new colors, prints or silhouettes give yourself the freedom to make a style decision that makes you feel fabulous and confident.  

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