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Our Hottest Handbags

Because we carry so many premium shoe brands, sometimes it feels like we give our shoes all the love—but in case you didn’t know, Plum Bottom also sells gorgeous, well-made, and functional handbags, wallets, belt bags, clutches and leather goods! We are always keeping our customers in mind when we buy for the store, and with purses, there are a few features that we always keep top-of-mind. We know that you want something unique. While we do carry well-known and loved brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Brahmin, and others, we know if you are looking for a logo to be emblazoned all over the bag, you’d shop somewhere else. Instead, our aim is to connect you to  brands who might not be on your radar but feature high-quality material and thoughtful design.   

Many of our handbag lines are from women designers and family-owned businesses. They are made from natural, sustainably sourced materials. Some companies employ women artisans, earning fair wages, to handcraft bags in traditional, native techniques like weaving or embroidery. Perhaps most importantly, we look for handbags that are easy to use! We love buckles and fringe, but however the bag is embellished, you should still be able to easily access your essentials.  

It’s no exaggeration to say that our most popular handbag line is Daniella Lehavi.  These sumptuous bags are made in Israel to the highest standards of quality and detail. Our buyer, Lauren, has had the pleasure of meeting (virtually) with the designer who was eager to hear about the positive response from our customers. Those who appreciate bold design and color-blocking will gravitate toward Daniella Lehavi bags. While most of their bags are made of the highest quality leather, they’ve expanded into the sustainable trend with a few vegan offerings that maintain their same outstanding standards (handbag at right).  



JADEtribe handbags literally weave traditional textile loom methods with organic dyes and natural materials to create individual pieces of art. Colorful and light-hearted, the bags recall warm-weather and good times. Carry a JADEtribe handbag when you want to let your boho spirit shine! 



When you’re looking for a handbag that won’t go out of style but isn’t too structured or stuffy, you’ll want to check out Day & Mood. A Danish company, the bags offer a Scandanavian minimalist style with a focus on sustainability and quality. Each well-designed bag offers features like external zipper pockets for easy access and function.  They also make great belt bags for the ultimate hands-free experience. 



Bed Stü makes rustic leather handbags, wallets, and backpacks that get better with age! The rich patina of their colors is achieved through natural vegetable dyes. Each piece is hand woven, sewn, washed and finished by a family owned and operated business that has been based in Los Angeles for 25 years. 



To keep things interesting, we only bring in a limited number of each bag—sometimes only a single piece—so that our collection changes quickly.  If you fall in love with a Plum Bottom handbag, don’t wait! In addition to spectacular handbags, we carry high quality footwear, and mostly European shoes, at each of our stores.Shop in Harrisburg at the Shoppes at Susquehanna Marketplace or in Camp Hill  at Neighbors & Smith at 1801 Market Street. We’re looking forward to helping you find the perfect handbag!  

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