Green Shoes and Accessories can be the Hero of your Closest, plum-bottom

Green Shoes and Accessories can be the Hero of your Closest

The color making the biggest impact in fashion this season has got to be GREEN! We’re seeing green everywhere. Jackets, boots, loafers, sneakers—even evening shoes—have all gotten a green makeover. While some people might wonder how to pair green shoes with their clothes, we consider it a neutral that can provide a pop of color or be layered with compatible colors to create a sublime fashion statement.  

Green Shoes—Our Hero 

Some greens are soft and pastoral and can be used in bigger doses. Others, like bright lime or neon, should be used sparingly because a little goes a long way. In those cases, use green as the “hero color”. Just a hint of a bright, bold green can be the star of your outfit. When you add an accessory like a scarf, earring, or necklace that pulls in the hero color your entire outfit reads a well-thought-out.  

 Pairing a bold green loafer with just a hint of green in the olive of this sweater sets green up as the hero color. 

Black (or white) is Always Right 

When you wear black or white (or both together) as the basis of your outfit, they can serve as the backdrop for any other color. In the winter, you can go head-to-toe black and use a bold color shoe --like emerald green--as an accessory. In the spring and summer wear a white outfit and pick lime green or turquoise green as the star of the show. While similar to using green (or another bold color) as the hero of your outfit, leaning on black or white clothing simplifies this concept, making it as easy way to add bright colors to your closet without having to overthink whether the combination will work—it will! 

 Andrea and Sophie mix it up by using green clothing with black and white shoes and accessories to prove that pairing green with black or white creates a chic, timeless look. Both ladies were outfitted head-to-toe with clothing from our Harrisburg store

Shades of Green 

Sometimes layered monochromatic colors look stunning together. The key is not to wear the exact same color from head to toe. The colors should all be in the same family—either warm or cool—but not so similar that you feel like you’re wearing a costume.  


Because Jenna is wearing soft olive green pants and carrying a complimentary olive green handbag, the color isn't overwhelming. 

Mother Nature Knows Best 

Green is the color of nature, and any color combination that you see in the environment will work in your wardrobe. Green pairs equally well with rich fall colors like burnt orange and mustard yellow as it does with spring colors like lavender and blush.  The key is to match tones. The colors you wear together should all be a similar tone. Pair rich jewel tones, muted or pastel colors--colors inspired by nature--and you’ll always look stylish.   

Sophie's choice of a blush pink shaket and green tote and boots looks natural and fresh.


Just Do It

There are times that bold is just better.

Case in point--Micki in this stunning emerald green velvet suit and matching velvet evening shoes.  She looks runway ready, and I don't think that anyone would argue that she's wearing too much green when she looks this damn good.

Ready for more suggestions? Andrea walks you through how to pair green shoes with your clothes in this Pro Tip video:

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