Gift Giving 2021: Sneakers, Handbags and Accessories that Make Appreciated Gifts, plum-bottom

Gift Giving 2021: Sneakers, Handbags and Accessories that Make Appreciated Gifts

I’ll admit it, I’m a last-minute holiday shopper.  Maybe because at Plum Bottom we’ve done our shopping so many months in advance, I feel like I’ve already picked out the best gifts! We’ve curated a selection of slippers, handbags, leather jackets, leggings, wallets and more that we think make thoughtful presents.  It’s also a time of year when you should reward yourself with something special—after all, no one can pick out a better gift than the one you choose for yourself!  

 Our deep selection of slippers aims to impress anyone on your list! Because we always shop with our customer requests in mind, we know that you appreciate slippers that offer great support. 


Our collection of Dansko and Taos provide particularly good arch support and great comfort with indoor/outdoor flexibility.

For the fashionista, we’ve added Asportuguesas to the mix.  Their bold style and colorful accents won our hearts!

Sorel always ranks as a customer favorite. In addition to classic slip-on styles, their bootie impresses with its cozy faux fur lining.

Olukai offer options that is equally good as shearling lined outdoor moccasins as an indoor slippers. Nice arch support, too!


Those with a whimsical sense of humor will be charmed by Toni Pons holiday themed wool slipper!  

  These are just a few of our many slipper choices.  Click this link to view our entire slipper selection. 

Our two favorite handbag lines for gift giving (or gifts your yourself!) are Latico Leather and Daniella Lehavi. Both are finely made leather handbags with functional features. While Latico Leather appeals to the person who wants a high-quality handbag to wear in all seasons with everything, Daniella Lehavi calls to the fashionista who wants to make a statement with her handbag. 

For those who like a classic leather handbag that offers the most useful organizational features, look no further than Latico Leather! My personal favorite bags, they are instant heirlooms that only look better with the patina of age.  Pick from basic tan or black; or go slightly more depth of color and choose eggplant or hunter green.


Latico Leather offers many different styles: crossbody, wallet, satchel, hobo. We especially love their totes for their lightweight functionality that are easy to pack for travel or for taking to the market. Wallets are an easy last-minute gift that is always appreciated.  With plenty of credit card slots and extra pockets to keep things accessible and secure, our wallets are stylish and superbly functional. 


Daniella Lehavi handbags are something special.  Made in Israel of Italian leather, these boldly styled bags are supremely functional. Those who want to carry a statement handbag that doesn't look like all the rest will proudly carry Daniella Lehavi handbags. 


We've got several customers who snatch up these gorgeous bags almost as soon as they arrive! Once you have one Daniella Lehavi, you'll be dreaming of the next.

We carry dozens of other handbag brands, including Bed Stü, Brahmin, Rebecca Minkoff, Day & Mood and many others which you can find by clicking here

I’ll bet someone on your holiday shopping list is in the market for new sneakers—who isn’t? Those that follow trends will already be aware of the ON sneakers, and the huge following they have garnered over the past few years.

We carry a rainbow collection of ON sneakers for walking, running, hiking and everyday adventures. They are the only “technical” sneaker we carry, and their support and comfort have impressed us and our customers.

If you enjoy discovering brands that are a bit more off the beaten track, look no further than OTBT—literally Off the Beaten Track!

With retro-styled, fun and colorful OTBT sneakers that have ample arch support and removable footbeds, they work well for many kinds of foot issues—particularly those with wider feet, bunions or those who enjoy extra arch support.  

Athleisure sneakers are a look that everyone is wearing, so browse our collection to find a match for someone on your holiday shopping list--or for you! 

Our entire selection is ripe with gift giving ideas, so I encourage you to browse our stores or the website for additional ideas, including winter boots, leather jackets, evening shoes and so much more! And remember that there is no harm in doing a little personal shopping while you are searching for a gift or creating your own Plum Bottom “wish list” to share with those who want to buy you the perfect gift! 

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