Fresh Colors in Shoes, Handbags and Leather Jackets: White and Yellow

Fresh Colors in Shoes, Handbags and Leather Jackets: White and Yellow

Just in time to lift your spirits, two trend colors are sweeping the (virtual) store! Yellow and white are the two fashion colors of the season that you can’t miss—and they just may help cheer you up!   



We’re headed into summer, so of course white is a trend, right?  The truth is while white is always a great color choice for summer clothing, during some years it has been hard to find white shoes that didn’t look dated. But this year, white is making a huge comeback and it looks fresher than ever! We’re seeing white in handbags, sandals, pumps—and more than anything else—athleisure! Why do we like this trend?  White goes with everything.   Sometimes white can fade into the background and look neutral—for instance when it’s paired with a colorful patterned outfit.  Other times, white can be a bold fashion statement.  Think about wearing white shoes with a cobalt blue dress.  White is where those who people who prefer classic styles and those who seek t to be on the cutting edge intersect—it's the choice both granddaughter and grandmother can agree on!  We’ve got an entire collection of white shoes, leather jackets, and handbags for you to browse—right here! 




Remonte Sneakers feature a removable footbed.  

Shop for them here. 


 A crisp white bag from Daniella Lehavi is the perfect accessory. 

Shop for it here. 

White sandals with a silver accent from NAOT go with anything. 

Shop for them here. 



Have you ever walked by a house where the front door has been painted yellow, and you immediately smile? Yellow shoes are like that yellow front door.  If a house is painted entirely yellow—or if you are dressed in it from head-to-toe—it could be overwhelming. But add yellow as an accent, and it’s enchanting and uplifting.  If you have always thought that yellow is unflattering for your skin tone, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo yellow shoes. Unlike a shirt or dress that is worn next to your face and skin, yellow shoes are just an accent color that doesn’t clash with your skin tone. Every shade of yellow is in vogue right now.  Choose mustard, lemon, neon—whichever suits your fancy.  When you dress to please yourself, you’ll have a positive impact on your outlook. Take a look at our collection of yellow shoes, leather jackets and handbags—right here! 

Choose Eric Michael’s sandal in yellow for a pop of color.  

Yellow flats from Vionic offer extra arch support. 

 Shop for them here.  

Do you need a yellow leather jacket? YES! 

Shop for them here now.  


But what happens when my white or yellow shoes get dirty, you ask?  To start, you might not choose to wear your brand-new light-colored sneakers when you are taking a walk on a muddy trail. But even when you’re not wearing them in rough terrain, scuffs can happen.  What can you do?  If you want to keep your white soles clean, you can grab your magical cleaning device that erases marks—I think you know which one I mean ;)  If you want a more natural and less toxic choice, lemon essential oil can be used to lighten those dark marks—especially white trimmed rubber soles or smudges on leather. You can purchase lemon essential oils here. Just like any cleaning product, you need to spot test first to make sure that whatever you are using to take clean the material isn’t going to make things worse.  And at the end of the day, shoes are like the tires on your car—eventually they are going to show a bit of wear.  Just enjoy them now because life is too short! 


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