Fit Feet: Athleisure Shoes that Match your Active Lifestyle

Whether you are a regular at the gym, or just love living in yoga pants, you probably already know that athletic style clothes—known as athleisure—are one of the hottest fashion trends.  In fact, after multiple years of athleisure taking over stores, it’s safe to say that we’ve moved past the trend stage. Athleisure is a category all its own. 


Out of the Gym 

It’s time to retire sneakers to the locker room and pick athleisure shoes that will carry us out of the gym and into the rest of the day in comfort and style!  It’s important to note that athleisure shoes are not athletic sneakers that you’d wear for running or cross-fit.  In fact, sneakers are often designed specifically for a specific purpose and might actually cause foot issues when used for general wear.  Good sneakers or running shoes can be a significant investment of money, wearing them for daily use can break down the specialized support foam, causing uneven wear and shortening the life of the running shoe.   


Comfortable Footbeds 

In brands that make athleisure styles like VionicThe FlexxTAOS, and Olukai, the footbeds are designed for comfort while walking, rather than the technical support needed for running.  These brands often feature removeable footbeds so that you can replace them with a doctor prescribed orthotic footbed or an over-the-counter footbed that you use to add arch or metatarsal support.  


One shoe, many looks 

Athleisure shoes are designed with our more casual lifestyles in mind!   These styles are often a hybrid of your favorite looks—for instance the high top athleisure shoe/boot from Blondo.   With its white sole, at first glance it strikes you as a sneaker.  Look closer and you’ll see that it’s cut higher, like a boot.  What you won’t notice until you put it on is that it has a warm shearling lining making it “sock optional” and features water-proof suede that will look great even in nasty weather. 


Easy on/Easy off 

Many athleisure styles lace-up to give you the best fit but also feature a zipper (Rieker or Remonte) that allow for easy-on, easy off wear. Styles designed without laces also allow you the ease of slipping them on and off.  Water-proof Olukai shoes are created with Hawaiian coastal lifeguards as an inspiration and have heels that can be stepped down in the back, giving you the choice to wear them as if they are loafers OR slides.   


Wear with Everything! 

Athleisure styles can be some of the most versatile, hard-working shoes in your closet. You know you can pair them with yoga pants and gym wear, but they’re also going to look great with leggings, jeans—even skirts and dresses! As we get into the spring and summer months there are even more colorful, fun styles from which to choose.  For something different, but also something that will go with everything, pick a pair in metallic.  Think of it like jewelry—if you’d wear silver or gold jewelry with an outfit, silver or gold athleisure shoes will perfectly accessorize your look! 


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