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You Deserve Shoes that Feel as Good as the Look

Women are the caregivers of their family. We sacrifice and scrimp to make sure everyone in our life is content. Sometimes that means we don't value ourselves enough. This can lead to burn-out and frustration. Without providing ourselves with the same loving kindness we give to others, we aren’t going to be particularly useful or happy! Wearing high-quality shoes can be the foundation of your self-care. These shoes will last longer, feel better and boost your self-esteem by allowing you to look your best. 

Cheap shoes are no bargain

So often, women look for a bargain—while this may be fine for a trendy top—it is no bargain to buy cheap shoes. From a financial standpoint, while buying inexpensive shoes may feel like you are initially saving, it is unlikely that these shoes will stand up to even one season of wear. You’ll end up purchasing two or three pair (that you can no longer wear) instead of buying a high-quality pair from the start. Customers often tell us that they are wearing shoes that they’ve purchased from us for five years or longer! 

 Financial experts recommend a cost-per-wear (CPW) approach to deciding if something is worth the extra money. If the shoes are comfortable, good looking, and long-lasting, you could wear them over 100 times. If you paid $100, that’s $1 per wear. If you paid $50 and wore them 20 times before they wore out (or were just too uncomfortable to keep wearing), you paid $2.50 per wear. Not a bargain after all!  


Looking for a bargain on high quality, fashion forward women's shoes? Each store features a Plum Deal clearance room. Online shoppers can shop our shoe, clothing and accessory clearance items here!

Wear supportive shoes and your spine will thank you

An effortless way to support yourself, quite literally, is with a comfortable pair of shoes. These are shoes that not only look great and complement your style, but they are also comfortable, and fit correctly. When you wear shoes that provide you with the proper support, you are also benefiting your knees, your hips, your back and your neck! They are all connected. Take the advice of the National Spine Health Foundation and invest in a good mattress AND supportive shoes in order to take care of your back.  

Naot women's sandals
 Shoes with good arch support can also be cute! We've got collections  hand selected for arch support and for removable footbeds, so you can add your own orthotic if recommended. Or shop for styles that are American Podiatric Medical Association approved. 

It’s also important to wear several different pair of shoes throughout the week. Rotating between multiple pairs of shoes lengthen the amount of time that your shoes will last, and will:  

  • Allow them to dry out in between wear, inhibiting growth of bacteria and fungus. The perspiration from our feet also “warps” the leather and creates a musty, stinky shoe smell.  

  • Give the foam padding time to “bounce back”. Frequent compression without time to recover reduces the amount of support the insoles can provide.  

  • Prevent leg fatigue, muscle soreness and a contracted Achilles tendon by wearing a variety of heel heights—even a slight difference in height can help.  

Feel good and look your best in comfortable, fashionable shoes

Health and cost benefits aside, one of the main reasons women decide to invest in quality shoes is because they look great! It’s a well-known trope that women are obsessed with shoes. And why not! They can take a basic outfit and make it into a statement. Even if you are not a fashionista, wearing something that is attractive to you will help you project your most confident, self-assured self.

Beauty comes from within, and when we feel good about ourselves it radiates!

There is nothing vain about wanting to project an image of professionalism. Your shoes can say a lot about how much you value yourself as a person and that confidence can help you walk into a meeting with more authority, dignity and poise. So go ahead—buy the shoes that make YOU feel like a boss.  

When you are shopping at Plum Bottom--in our stores on online--we endeavor to help you find exactly what you want and your feet need. Our ability to help you depends on the information you give us, so don't be shy! The more detailed you can be on where you'll be wearing your new shoes, and what special issues you are dealing with will help us guide you toward the right pair.  Online, use our navigation to browse categories and collections to narrow your choices.  And when in doubt, contact us!  Our goal is to help you find a comfortable, high quality shoes that you can enjoy wearing for years to come.


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