Employee Favorite Shoes and Boots for Fall 2021, plum-bottom

Employee Favorite Shoes and Boots for Fall 2021

 Plum Bottom, as a brick-and-mortar store, offers a special shopping experience. Our employees extend sincere help and advice to those who trust us to help them find the perfect shoes. When we designed the website, we wanted to replicate that level of customer service by creating categories from which to browse unique needs like arch supportbunion friendly and wide width, as well as trend categories like Boho style or lug soles. To inject more of our personality into your online experience, I have asked our employees to talk about their favorite pairs from this season. This gives you an insider perspective on what we love to wear while we work and play! 

 Long-time customers know and love Bonnie! She started out with Plum Bottom in the 1980’s, then started her own shoe store, Ladies Choice, only to “retire” and come back to work for us seven years ago. Bonnie is the energizer bunny that keeps going. She clearly loves helping customer AND shoes and couldn't be pinned down to pick a single favorite pair of the season. Bonnie enthusiastically says, “friends and customers of Plum Bottom welcome to the Fall and Winter Season! Many already know we have a great selection of BOOTS...all of us have a different comfort level and style preference. For me, Eric Michael and Pikolinos are my favorites, but we have many to choose from, so STOP...SHOP...SAVE! Hope to see you soon and stay well.”  Thanks, Bonnie! 

 Pikolinos lace up stacked wooden heel boots

Bonnie appreciates the extra height she gets from the stacked wooden heel of this Pikolinos lace up boot

Vicki and Carmela have something in common--both of their daughters worked for us before they did! Carmela is the mom of Juliana, who worked for us starting as an intern until she recently moved to Philly and her dream job as a buyer for Urban. Vicki's daughter, Lauren, worked for us during high school, until she started attending Penn State.  She's now an elementary school teacher. Not only are they beautiful women who raised equally lovely daughters, they also share a common sense of fashion! Each picked the Rieker Chelsea style boot as this season's favorite. 

Rieker black suede Chelsea boot

Carmela says that she “loves the Rieker Chelsea style boot, especially the on-trend lug sole. It’s cute and comfortable!”  Vicki, who has a bunion, appreciates it's "wider toe box for all day comfort!" Well said, ladies!


 If you have ever ordered from our online store, Lauren L. has contributed to that experience. Having grown along with us, Lauren started when she was fresh out of high school, graduated from Penn State Middletown this January with a degree in Marketing and now shares her talents with us as the website manager as well as being integral to assisting our customers at both stores. I’m proud of Lauren and appreciate all that she does to make your online and in-store experiences the best they can be!

Chinese Laundry camel bootie

Lauren is “surprised by how comfortable these Chinese Laundry boots are!” That’s good because her favorite boots are the perfect accompaniment to her awesome sense of fashion! 


Lynne started working for us in Harrisburg soon after we opened at the Shoppes at Susquehanna Marketplace in the early 2000’s. One of the hardest working people I know, Lynne has a deep sense of style and loves her comfort! Lynne says of this year’s favorites “Blondo Danika is my JAM this season! From long busy days at the shoe store to lazy days at home and everything in-between, the Danika has been my “go-to” boot." Excellent choice, Lynne! 


 More reasons why Lynne loves it? "It is lightweight, comfortable and completely waterproof--I just wish I had also gotten the mushroom color, but it's already sold out in my size!"


If you’ve been following our social media, you already know that I am obsessed with white boots and shoes. While I have one pair of black shoes, I have five or six pairs in white.  I think they go with everything yet are unexpected and fresh. Narrowing down my favorite wasn’t too hard, though. The most comfortable yet edgiest pair that I have this season is Deon from ARA. A bit more on the cream side than pure white, I love the lug sole and zipper front (though really that zipper is just for show—it's the side zipper that functions). I recently took a trip to see a Broadway show (see David Byrne’s American Utopia—trust me!) and wore these for two days and twelve miles of walking. 

ARA Deon lug sole boot in cream leather

I'm not the only one who picked this boot as her favorite.  Jenna, who has recently stepped up her role with us to help manage our inventory flow, said this is her favorite item this season! Jenna's keen eye for trends means that she is one to watch if you want to ramp up your fashion game! 

It's worth noting that many of our employee picks are only available in limited quantities! We have been keeping these and other favorites as well-stocked as possible, but since vendors have less inventory most of these items will be gone very soon! If you see something you love, DO NOT WAIT! 

While this tour of our employee favorites can not replace the customer service you receive at one of our stores, it does give you a taste of our style.  We all love quality, fashionable shoes and we are always excited to share our enthusiasm with you.  When in doubt you can always give us a call at 717-651-1600 or 215-390-2780 to speak to us directly. We can make recommendations based on your needs and guide you towards a pair that will make you happy!

We'd also love to hear from YOU! Please comment with your favorite Plum Bottom pair or story.  When you share with us, it really makes our day!

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