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Core Collection: Year-Round Fashion That Never Goes Out of Style

Whether you are looking to get the biggest “bang” for your fashion buck, or you are a fashionista in the know, you’ll want to invest in a core collection of shoes and accessories that never go out of style and you can wear year-round.  Your collection should include classic colors and silhouettes.  Invest more in these core pieces and play around with inexpensive accessories like scarves and jewelry change your look seasonally and add personal flair.  
When building this core collection, think about classic neutral colors like navy, tan, grey, black and white.  These colors can be mixed and matched endlessly to coordinate new looks.  They also work in any season and for any skin tone. Pro tip: use the rule of three. Pick three classic neutral colors (navy blue jeans, tan jacket, white t-shirt) or pick two classic neutrals and one bright color (black pants, white top and red handbag) to create a well-thought out, intentional look.  

We've paired white jeans in two different classic neutral ways. On the left a navy Mauritius leather jacket and tan Bed Stu handbag.  On the right a tan Maurtius leather jacket and navy Latico Leather bag. Either look can be worn any time of year.  

As you create your core collection, look for the best representation of quintessential styles: The Loafer, The Sneaker, The Pump, The Flat. When you build your wardrobe around these classic looks, you can fill-in pieces that are trendier and represent more of your unique flavor. Those can be items that are more seasonal and are less expensive. 


From left to right: Renata from ARA has a breathable and soft removable bamboo footbed and comes in an array of colors.  The Vionic loafer adds a modern touch (and excellent support) to a classic style. 

Since you expect to have your core pieces for a long time, buy the highest quality you can afford.  The adage “you get what you pay for” is doubly true for fashion items.  If you are environmentally, socially or morally conscious, Google the words “fast fashion” and you may be unpleasantly surprised.  Plus, better quality items last longer and save you money in the long run because you don’t have to replace them every year.

A Daniella Lehavi handbag can become an heirloom that you hand down to your granddaughter! It only takes one touch to realize that these are high-quality bags that are well-designed and, with care, will last for decades. 
It helps to have an expert at your side.  The sales staff at Plum Bottom will help design your core collection of shoes and accessories to reflect your taste and budget.  Stop by the store at the Shoppes at Susquehanna Marketplace or browse the website for ideas.  A unique feature of Plum Bottom’s website is the ability to browse in many ways.  Have bunions, wide or narrow feet or need arch support?  There are special sections just for you!  Is your taste more classic, romantic, sporty or sleek?  Check out collections designed with you in mind.  No matter how you search, you are guaranteed to find core items in classic neutral colors that will carry you throughout the year—for many years to come! 

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