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Blog: How to Make a Statement with your Shoes and Accessories!

It’s easy to fill your closet with black shoes.  For variety, you pick up navy or brown. But what if your taste runs a bit more exotic? Enter the Statement Shoe! This is a shoe that takes center stage in your outfit and draws the attention—and the compliments. Not for the shy, the Statement Shoe can jazz up a basic outfit, update a stale look, or help you create a vibe all your own. 

You can wear a Statement Shoe and still play it safe by going with an outfit in a solid color or two.  A black background lets your Statement Shoe become the star.  This look works well when the shoe is a bold print that might not play nicely with other prints in your clothing.  It’s also particularly flattering for most women to wear a monochormatic outfit/look.  The shoe draws the eye, so if you want to play down another area of your body, pick a bold shoe with a neutral outfit.  If picking two colors to wear, let one of them be black or white. For instance, navy and white look fresh when you’re wearing a shoe that’s yellow. And the classic black and white almost calls out for a red shoe.  



 The the chic and neutral canvas of black leggings and a black leather jacket, you can wear a bold boot, like this plaid work boot from Eric Michael--without feeling over-the-top. 


Jeans are the perfect canvas against which to showcase a unique shoe. You don’t have to be worried about your shirt clashing with your shoes, if their colors are complimentary. A classic that never gets old is a simple, well-cut white button-down shirt or t-shirt, jeans and a funky pair of shoes. The shoes can be any color or any print when you’re working with denim as your background, so have fun! 



A statement sneaker becomes the star of your closet! Paired with a light colored denim shirt and darker denim jeans, this Dolce Vita sneaker takes the look to the next level. The Rebecca Minkoff cross-body bag doesn't try to compete, but compliments the sneakers. 


Wearing a bold shoe doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to play down the rest of your outfit.  Nothing looks more fashion-forward than mixing prints successfully.  A good rule of thumb is to go with one large print and one small print.  A large floral print pairs well with a small leopard or cheetah print. Small polka dots coordinate with an oversized plaid.  When you chose pieces that you love—and choose them intentionally—you can pull off a look that feels a bit daring. 



A classic little black dress is the perfect background for 2 statement pieces! You can mix and match prints when the colors compliment each other and the prints are different size--like this Daniella Lehavi handbag and BeautiFeel loafers


The dynamic print on the jumper might have you picking a sedate shoe.  But pairing it with this unique Antelope slide amps up the look and gives it that "WOW" factor. 


You don’t want to crowd your closet with Statement Shoes, but choosing a bold flat, boot, and pump will always give your outfit flavor. If you haven’t worn a particular item for more than a year, ask yourself if it’s because you’re totally over the look, or if you haven’t worn it because you don’t have the “right” shoes. Maybe it’s time to freshen up the look with a shoe that takes the entire outfit in a bold, new direction! You’ll add life to your clothing and style to your life when you add a few statement pieces that you love.  

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