Blog: Dress from Summer to Fall in Style, plum-bottom

Blog: Dress from Summer to Fall in Style

Days are getting cooler and summer feels like it’s wrapping up. That doesn’t mean that it’s time to put away sandals just yet. There are lots of shoe and sandal choices that work regardless of the season. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular styles as we move toward fall. 

 There are still warm days ahead of us, so you’ll want to keep a collection of sandals at the ready.  You may want to edit your sandal options to things that have a bit more of an early fall feel. The more strappy the sandal, the more summery it looks.  Pick styles that have thick straps, a peak toe, or an open toe with a closed back.  


Sava flats have three-season appeal. They are the perfect choice for cropped skinny legged pants or a floral maxi dress. With extra support in the arch, they’ll keep you comfortable all day.  

The “city sandal” can become the star of your fall closet.  With a more closed in feel, you’ll wear it as you would a boot. Most city sandals have a chunky heel in which is easy and comfortable to walk.  Perforated leather styles also lighten the look so you can wear them on those warm late summer days.  


Sofft sandals zip up the front. If your instep is high, leave the front partially unzipped.  The perforated leather works well for a wide foot or for those with a bunion.  


Athleisure styles are not married to any particular season, so they work well on those “in-between” days. A white sneaker will look fresh year-round, so don’t put it away when summer ends.  Instead of your typical sandal, wear a sneaker with a maxi dress.  Throw on a denim or leather jacket and you’ll be ready to move between warm days and cool nights. 



There’s a reason why this Remonte sandal is so popular with our customers. With a removable footbed, you can swap it out for your own orthotic device if necessary. It’s got just enough stripped detail around the sole to break up the white and provide some visual interest.  

The old rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day no longer applies, but you might still opt for warmer colors that invoke the changing season.  Burnt orange, mustard yellow and olive green begin to replace the brighter colors of summer sandals.  


This suede slide by Kenneth Cole bridges summer to fall in style.  The darker shade of yellow and wider straps evoke a fall feel, while still being well-suited to warm days.  

As you think about what to wear in the coming months when temperatures can fluctuate dramatically from day to day, remember to dress for the weather that day, and not to feel constrained by the date on the calendar.  Pull out boots and shoes when temps dip, and wear  transitional sandals on warmer days.  Most importantly, dress so that you are comfortable and confident!




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