ARA: Our Top Choice for European Fashion & Comfort Shoes, plum-bottom

ARA: Our Top Choice for European Fashion & Comfort Shoes

Customers frequently ask, “what is the most comfortable brand you carry?”.  While each person has their own unique needs, Ara  is overall our most popular brand for comfort.  Ara may be an unfamiliar brand for some customers, but they are already one of Europe’s most recognizable name in women's fashion and comfort shoes.  Plum Bottom started carrying Ara almost 20 years ago as the first European comfort brand to be introduced at the store. Over the years their popularity ballooned due to their wide selection of styles, their comfort, and their quality.   

Unlike many companies, Ara owns all their own factories so that they can ensure their shoes, boots, sandals, loafers, heels and flats meet their high-quality standards. Based in Germany, Ara shoes are engineered for comfort and quality with every step. Their High Soft footbed meets the anatomical needs of the foot with additional metatarsal and arch support. Every aspect of the shoe is considered in production—from breathability to shock absorption. We have carried hundreds of brands over the years, and few have rivaled Ara for their craftsmanship and attention to detail.  

When tried on side by side with similar looking shoes, Ara wins over customers for their comfort. I’ve dubbed Ara the brand of the “magic fit” because they will work well for a variety of different widths and different foot needs.  Though most of their styles are wider than the standard, they are often designed to hold the foot so well that even narrow customers are pleased with the fit.  

In every category—boots, loafers, pumps, sneaker, flats-- Ara makes a top-selling style. Comfort plays a huge role in their popularity, but if they weren’t so good looking, they would never be so popular.  Ara pairs classic style with trendy details.   

This edgy boot is a hit with customers and staff of all ages. 

Ara pumps and flats are classic and comfortable.  You'll find padding and arch support in their High Soft footbed. 


Slip on Ara sneakers, and you'll know why they are best sellers.  We love the terrycloth lining that gives you the option to go sock-less and the removable footbed that gives nice arch and metatarsal support.  


Loafers are more popular than ever--but so many brands offer little support and no padding.  Ara solves those problems, and ups the ante with an on-trend details.



As Ara has amped up their style, and customers have demanded more comfort in their shoes, Ara has become a central part of Plum Bottom and we look forward to partnering with them for years to come.  You can shop these, and all our Ara styles, on our website by clicking on this link.  

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