Slide into Fall with these On-Trend Women's Shoes, plum-bottom

Slide into Fall with these On-Trend Women's Shoes

Living in Pennsylvania means that we get to enjoy all four seasons. During the transitional months of spring and autumn, ideal temperatures replace oppressive heat or cold. While we might still occasionally wear sandals or boots, the weather and fashions favor loafers and slides as well as light neutral colors.


What's in a Name? Slides, Clogs & Mules

Slides, also known as mules or clogs, can look like a shoe, loafer, or pump in the front, with an open back into which you slide. With the rise of retro 90’s fashion, clogs are making a strong comeback this year—with a modern spin. It’s easy to understand the appeal of a mule. With no fuss, they are easy to slip on. If you are looking for choices 2" or above, check out our high heel slides. Lower? We've got low slides for you, too.  

The term clog tends to apply to shoes with a heavier bottom.


Sleeker shoes with pointy toes would generally be called slides.  Mules are more of a "catch-all" term for slides or clogs.

PRO TIP: Mules

With mules, there are a few fit issues to consider. Since they have a fixed fit (no ability to adjust), those with a high instep (which refers to the rise of your foot—NOT your arch) might have a more challenging time finding the right slide. Likewise, those with a very slight rise to their foot—a low instep—might feel like a mule is too roomy. At Plum Bottom, we’re happy to use our stretchers to give your feet more breathing room if your instep is high, or to apply felt tongue pads in place to take up the space if your instep is low. If you are shopping online, contact us if you have any doubts or questions! 



Take the High Road: Lug Soles and Platform Soles

Two popular trends you will find on both slides and loafers is the lug sole and platform sole. These looks are great for those who want to add a bit more height to the look, without having a heel.

Both lug soles and platforms pair well with wider pants—which are also trending this season. 


Chunkier bottomed shoes give designers a canvas for playing with color blocking and texture, so these styles offer the fashion forward shopper an opportunity to express herself.  


Year-round Appeal: White is the New Black

Whether it’s before Memorial Day or after Labor Day, it’s always time to wear white! You wouldn’t stop wearing black in the summer, so don’t stop wearing white in the fall and winter. White and cream feel fresh and will brighten up any outfit. 


Bright white pairs beautifully with black, navy, and solid bright colors like red or yellow


Cream shoes and boot are best friends with tan, taupe, brown or rich fall colors like rusty orange or forest green.  


PRO TIP: White & Cream

White or cream shoes offer a way to lighten up your outfit, and often create a longer visual line. As someone who is five feet (and zero inches) tall I often choose white or cream as my basic shoe color, because it doesn’t cut off my look at the feet--which makes me feel shorter.

No Loafin' Around! Fall Women's Loafers

Nothing is more classic or versatile than a good loafer.  This year you'll discover an impressive range of looks in the loafer category.  Classic “driving moccasin” and traditional penny loafers are sharing the spotlight with all of this years' favorite trends: lug soles, flatform soles, creamy white colors and slides

Patent leather loafers are no longer confined to summer months—just as suede is no longer strictly a fall and winter material. We particularly love a creamy patent loafer. Yum!



A black penny loafer can be the backbone of your wardrobe--but far from basic with an updated lug sole

A mule styled as a loafer offer an easy way to transition into cooler weather fashion. 

Platform loafers look bold and fresh.  We love the color blocking on sole.

PRO TIP: Loafers

Those who have flat feet (little or no arches) want to pick a loafer with higher sides, because a flat foot tends to push out the sides, creating gaps. Loafers with buttery soft leather can be a bunion-friendly choice. As always, reach out to us at Plum Bottom so that we can help match you with a pair that gives you the best fit!  

Women's Fashion 101

Plum Bottom has curated a collection of shoes for transitional footwear during the changing seasons. When you are shopping in one of our stores, be sure to tell us that you are looking for a loafer, slide, a lug sole, platform sole or something in white or cream so we can help you find the perfect pair. Shoppers from afar are always welcome to call us at 717-651-1600 or 215-390-2780 so that we can discuss your needs and match you with a new pair of shoes.  

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