Sandals, Sneakers and Handbags for your Summer Events, plum-bottom

Sandals, Sneakers and Handbags for your Summer Events

It’s time for summer sandals!  Are you as excited as we are?  It’s finally HOT and with so many exciting summer events on the horizon, we’re thinking about the great outfits and shoes that we are going to pair for the music festivals, BBQ’s and events we are going to soak up all summer long. When shopping for an outdoor event, comfort is key.  You are going to be on your feet all day and you might be walking through grass or gravel. Your summer shoes need to be versatile, adorable and oh-so comfortable if you are going to enjoy your day to the fullest!  

A Sandal for Any Weather

Outdoor events like music and art festivals require a LOT of walking in all different kinds of terrain. You need a sandal that can traverse gravel, grass, maybe even sand and puddles. A top pick is this stretchy sandal from Remonte. It fits nearly any foot width and those with bunions or hammer toes. It comes with two footbeds: one is a soft microfiber, and the other is waterproof rubber.  Because it has a backstrap, it will stay on your foot when you are walking.  With the waterproof footbed and fabric upper, you can wash it if it gets dirty or sandy.

Remonte makes great looking sandals that are casual, but with plenty of fashion. There is also a slide version in a variety of colors. 

Soft Leather Sandals for Ultimate Comfort

If waterproof isn’t a necessity, consider Banzai from The Flexx. Notoriously comfortable, The Flexx’s Italian leather sandals are as soft as you could want and offer more coverage than the typical sandal which can be a benefit for those with a variety of foot issues. The elastic strap at the back keeps things secure and the cushioned footbed is like walking on a pillow. 

In basic black or soft gold, these sandals from The Flexx are the wear-with anything favorite!

Adjustable Sandals for Any Foot 

One sandal rises above the rest when it comes to versatility, comfort and the ability to fit almost any food. ARA’s Bellvue has two adjustable straps, making it a great choice for any width or instep. The molded footbed supplies stability and support. It’s a classic looking sandal with a modern platform that can be as casual as you need it to be but is a nice choice with a sun dress.

ARA's sandal is our top pick for a sandal that can be worn for nearly any kind of summer event—including casual outdoor weddings, festivals and amusement parks.  A triple threat! 

 Lightweight, Cool Sneakers

If sandals aren’t your thing—or you know that you need EXTREME comfort—pick up a sneaker! We love a style that can be easily slipped on—like those from Remonte or ON. They are lightweight and breathable, so your feet won’t overheat. Both brands offer good support, but the sneakers also have removable footbeds in case you need to use your own doctor prescribed orthotics.  

 We've got so many ON and Remonte sneakers to choose from! 

Functional, Fashionable Handbags 

Not only do you need shoes for your summer adventures, but you’re also going to need a handbag that isn’t going to weigh you down yet has room for all your essentials.  A new brand for Plum Bottom, and instant favorite for fashion and function in a small handbag is MILO.  These bags are made in India of the finest leather, come in an array of colors, and have all the built-in function that you need in a handbag. Choose a mini bag that has a place for all your credit cards or take the strap off and use it as an over-sized wallet in a large bag.  Or go slightly larger with a crossbody bag that still offers a handy built-in wallet with enough extra space for a phone and sunglasses.

Take your pick! These mini MILO crossbody handbags can double as large wallets. 

Another favorite is the sling bag from Daniella Lehavi, made in Israel.  It’s carried on the front of your body for ultimate security, yet there are multiple exterior pockets on the inside-facing side for easy access to your keys and phone. It's a wide strap, it won’t bite into your shoulder.

With such high-quality leather you'll love your Daniella Lehavi handbags for years to come!


Both of our stores and our website are full of sandals, sneakers and handbags that will have you outfitted for your next summer event. Our friendly and helpful staff love to help you meet your needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a specific question. Whether you are local and can visit us in one of our stores, or live across the country, we are always happy to assist you in finding the perfect summer sandals, comfortable sneakers or thoughtful handbag.  


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